TORONTO -- A new unauthorized biography about Melania Trump aims to strip away some of the mystery surrounding the First Lady.

‘Free, Melania,’ released on Tuesday, was penned by CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett, who describes Trump as “calculated, quiet and independent”-- and not to be underestimated.

The title appears to be a play on the viral hashtag #FreeMelania which surfaced soon after Trump’s inauguration, alleging that the First Lady was a victim of circumstance.

The book digs into some of the major events surrounding the first family and rampant theories about what life is like behind closed doors.

The book alleges that the First Lady often weighs in on her husband’s decisions both in the political sphere and how he deals with his staff -- dispelling the myth of the president’s wife being a “bystander” in the corridors of power.

The speech that she gave at the Republican National Convention, which included plagiarized passages from a previous Michelle Obama speech, apparently made the First Lady “beside herself with guilt,” the book says.

However, the source quoted in the biography claims that the First Lady was let down not just by her speechwriter but by the president himself, as the speech only vetted by a “skeleton staff of political neophytes.”

Bennett said in an interview with CTV News’ Washington bureau correspondent Richard Madan that the Trumps sleep in different bedrooms in the White House, but that doesn’t “indicate that there’s trouble.”

“We’ve watched the president’s Twitter habits, he doesn’t get a lot of sleep,” Bennett said. “He tweets late at night and early in the morning. That can be part of it too.”

The book also offers new context on some of Trump’s most infamous events.

For instance, Bennett writes about the jacket Trump wore during a trip to see migrant children at a border detention centre with the words “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back.

The jacket was in fact a message aimed at Ivanka Trump, Bennett alleges, after the president’s daughter took the “credit” for the work the First Lady did “behind the scenes” pushing to end the migrant family separations at the border.

This is just one of the events detailing the friction between the two most important women in the president’s life according to Bennett, who says the way that the First Lady shows her anger is oftentimes more subtle.

For example, during the peak of the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal, the First Lady expressed her anger with the situation by refusing to travel with the president to his State of the Union speech.

Bennett suggests the snub was a way for Trump to express “that she’s maybe mad at him like things aren’t so great behind the scenes.”

Even the Trump’s decision not to get a dog for their stay in the White House is covered in the biography, just another small glimpse into the notoriously press-shy First Lady’s daily life and decisions.

“Three years in, people still don’t know what to think of Melania Trump,” Bennett said. “They might see her as cold and distant, but we have to dig a little deeper.