In a sweet moment caught on camera, a father swings his young daughter around in the air just outside of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Not long after, the cathedral would be engulfed in flames as crowds of horrified Parisians and tourists watched.

Brooke Windsor snapped the photo of the pair as she was leaving the cathedral about an hour before it caught fire. On Twitter, she said she regretted not approaching the man to see if he wanted a copy of the photo.

“I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had,” she wrote on Monday.

Nevertheless, Windsor was determined to find a moment of happiness amidst a dark day for France. She shared the photo of the man and girl in front of the cathedral and asked social media users to help her identify them.

“Twitter if you have any magic, help [the father] find this.”

Twitter detectives jumped at the chance – the photo has been retweeted and liked thousands of times, with users from all over the world trying to connect the dots.

In comments on Windsor’s tweet, news organizations from around the world have asked Windsor for permission to share the image on their platforms

On Tuesday, Windsor announced that she still has been unable to find the man in the photo.

“I am hopeful. Twitter sure knows how to step up,” she wrote on Twitter.