Dressed in his trademark mirror-encrusted top hat and blazer, Toronto sidewalk artist and poet Victor Fraser has travelled to Manchester to bring a little happiness with his art.

His “I LOVE MCR” sidewalk picture is now a main attraction in the city’s Piccadilly Square. Fraser hopes his message of support can bring a smile to Mancunians struggling to recover from the May 22 terrorist attack.

“I have learned it is a really strong tool and helps people to really feel happy,” he told CTV News.

It’s not the first time Fraser has brought a positive message to a city struck by violence -- he went to France after last year’s terrorist rampage.

And both times, Fraser has paid his own way. He won’t accept tips, just handshakes and smiles.

“It is the most epic feeling when kids come up and just freak out, they get excited, they want to talk to you, they dance around, people are happy,” he said.

“They are proud of it. It makes their neighbourhood different.”

Making his art can be physically demanding -- he doesn’t like talking about it, but Fraser suffers from a degenerative spinal disease that limits his movements.

He jokes that it’s all part of the show.

“I just live life like rusty scissors – if you don’t use the scissors they rust,” he said.

With a report by CTV’s Peter Akman in Manchester