A firefighter in Tennessee is receiving a lot of love after a heartwarming moment between him and a small child at the scene of a car accident was captured on camera and posted online.

After returning home from a house fire, Capt. Chris Blazek from the Chattanooga Fire Department was called to the scene of a motor vehicle incident on Saturday.

The driver of the vehicle, a pregnant mother of three, was “hysterical” because she was suffering from abdominal and back pain, according to a Facebook post on the fire department’s page on Monday. The young girls ranged in age from four months to seven years old, Blazek said in the post.

While the mother was being treated, Blazek said he peered into the back seat to check on the children. He said the two older girls were fine, but the youngest was screaming hysterically. He said he took the small child out of the seat to see if she was injured in the accident.

“She immediately laid her head on my shoulder,” he recalled. “Shortly after that I decided that my guys had the scene under control, so I decided to sit and take a break with my new friend. She immediately fell asleep in my arms.”

The girl’s mother was transported to hospital. The image of Blazek and the small child asleep in his arms has since gone viral with more than 4,000 shares and more than 11,000 reactions as of Tuesday morning.

“It's moments like this, that I am reminded, this is why I do the job," Blazek said.