After a four-day search, the woman who took a heartwarming photo of a man swinging a young girl in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral hours before it was ravaged by fire says she has tracked him down.

On Monday, Brooke Windsor shared the touching image with her followers on Twitter, along with the caption:

“I took this photo as we were leaving Notre Dame about an hour before it caught on fire. I almost went up to the dad and asked if he wanted it. Now I wish I had. Twitter if you have any magic, help him find this.”

The request spurred hundreds of thousands of retweets and international media coverage.

On Thursday, Windsor tweeted an update on the search, saying that the man in the photo had reached out to her on Twitter.

“The search is over! The photo has reached the dad & family. He has chosen to remain anonymous in the wake of tragedy, and writes ‘Thanks again for that beautiful photo, we will find a special place for it,’” she wrote.

Windsor also had a message for everyone who helped make the image go viral.

“Thank you to everyone who has shared the picture and for your kind words,” she said.