Donald Trump gave his first press conference as president-elect on Wednesday and during the hour-long event, he offered several controversial remarks that blew up on social media.

Hereare some of Trump’s most talked-about comments.

1) When referring to jobs and the U.S. economy, Donald Trump said, “I said that I will be the greatest jobs producer that God ever created. And I mean that, I really — I’m going to work very hard on that. “

Twitter was up in arms over that comment with many people calling Trump a narcissist.

2) When asked by a reporter if he would release his tax returns, Donald Trump said, “The only one that cares about my tax returns are the reporters, OK? They’re the only who ask.”

To that, the reporter replied, “You don’t think the American public is concerned about it?”

Trump replied, “No I don’t think so. I won, when I became president. No, I don’t think they care at all. I don’t think they care at all.”

Twitter exploded with people reacting to that declaration, with many Americans saying they do in fact want to see the president-elect’s tax returns.

U.S. senator Ron Wyden even took to Twitter to ask users to retweet him if they cared about the president-elect’s tax returns. The tweet now has thousands of retweets and likes.

3) The president-elect finished the conference by explaining why he brought with him dozens of documents and files, saying the papers lay out his business dealings that will now be run by his two sons. He added that after eight years as president, he hopes to return to his company, Trump Organization, and say to his sons, “Oh, you did a good job.”

But he finished his press conference by using the popular catch-phrase he often used on his show “The Apprentice” by saying: “Otherwise, if they do a bad job, I’ll say, ‘You’re fired.’”

Not surprisingly, social media users had a field day with that reference.