Warning: This story and accompanying media may be disturbing to some

TORONTO – Police in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas have opened an investigation into alleged child abuse after receiving a video depicting a “female assaulting a minor child,” according to their Facebook page.

The video depicts a woman sitting on the upper body and face of a small child while music plays in the background. The child appears to be having difficulty breathing.

The woman then changes position, flipping the child over and putting them into a suplex-like body hold in between her legs, sitting on the child’s lower body and putting pressure on their chest.

The child cries out multiple times throughout the video, which appears to be filmed by an unknown party. The woman’s face is never shown.

“This video appears in a local closed group on social media, but we are unsure if this video originated within the City of Corpus Christi,” the Facebook post reads.

Police say they are attempting to identify the people in the video, and asked for witnesses to come forward.

Police included a screenshot of the alleged abuser’s ankle tattoo in an effort to aid the identification process.