SARAJEVO, Bosnia - Srebrenica's mayor says Swiss border police have arrested the Bosnian wartime commander of the eastern Bosnian town where Serbs massacred thousands of Bosnian Muslims in 1995.

Camil Durakovic told Bosnian TV police arrested Naser Oric as he travelled to Bern Wednesday for a commemoration of the Srebrenica victims. Durakovic and another person who travelled with Oric were also arrested, but they were later released.

Durakovic said Oric was detained because of an Interpol warrant issued by Serbia, which claims he killed Serb civilians during the war.

Oric was acquitted by the Hague Tribunal in 2008. The court ruled he had no command over the forces which committed war crimes. Bosnia has protested the Interpol warrant and Oric's lawyer, Vasvija Vidovic said it was unclear why it has not been withdrawn.