If you’re a foodie with a baby or tiny tot, this one might irk you.

On Saturday evening, acclaimed Chicago chef Grant Achatz created a bit of a Twitter storm when he hinted at the possibility of banning babies from his restaurant Alinea, after an infant had a crying fit and disturbed patrons.  

Now Alinea isn’t your neighbourhood pizza or pasta joint with high chairs and a children's menu. The eatery has been ranked as one of the world’s top 50 restaurants and has been given three stars from the prestigious Michelin Guide. Achatz is known as a master of innovation, and was a given a James Beard award in 2008, essentially the Academy Award of the culinary world.

And Alinea is so trendy that the restaurant doesn’t even have a traditional reservation process -- people buy tickets instead, ranging anywhere from $210 to $265, for a prix-fixe meal that includes a variety of dishes.

Achatz’s tweet immediately created chatter on Twitter, with most people agreeing with what he said.

For many, the price to eat at Alinea was at the heart of the issue.

Other people wondered why the infant wasn’t left with a babysitter.

And certainly there were those who questioned whether or not a rude customer was worse than a crying baby.

Achatz sent out another tweet the following day, showing he wasn’t intent on backtracking from what he said.

Is it appropriate to bring a baby or small children to an upscale restaurant? Do you think Achatz would be justified in banning babies from his restaurant? Do you have any restaurant horror stories involving your children, or someone else’s children?