TORONTO -- Sriracha sauce bottles have been recalled in Australia and New Zealand, with no such warning in place for Canada.

The Food Standards agency in Australia and New Zealand issued the recall on Boxing Day, “due to lactic acid build up causing certain bottles to ‘bloat’ and continue to ferment.”

According to the agency, the product in 17 and 28 oz bottles may splatter on to property or persons on opening.” 

“Do not open bottles that feel bloated and return the products to the place of purchase for a full refund,” the agency advised.

The product, often sold in Asian grocery stores, is widely available in Canada. Made from chillies, vinegar and garlic, the hot red sauce is popular worldwide.

Last month, the condiment was also recalled in Ireland.

According to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, 740 ml bottles were recalled “due to the risk of the contents exploding once the bottle is opened. This poses a risk of hot chili sauce irritating eyes or skin.”

Both products at the centre of the recalls originated in the United States.