A driver making a delivery in Louisiana found an unsupervised toddler next to his truck and returned her to her home.

Byron Nash of Lake Charles, La., posted a video of his encounter to Facebook on Oct. 26. It has since been viewed more than nine million times.

“This baby is right under my truck, and the parents ain’t nowhere to be found,” Nash says at the start of the video, which contains coarse language.

The video continues as Nash picks up the child and walks into a house, where he encounters a woman.

“Hey, this baby was under my truck,” he says.

The woman appears grateful to have the girl returned. She tells Nash that the girl is known to play with “all the doors, all the windows” in the house.

“I’m glad I was paying attention because if I’d have backed up, she would have been out of here and I would have been in trouble,” Nash says.