A South African student put her life on the line in order to protect the only copy of her graduate thesis from being stolen by two armed robbers.

Security cameras situated in Auckland Park, a suburb of Johannesburg, captured footage of the incident on Monday afternoon.

In video shared online by the Intelligence Bureau SA, Noxolo Ntusi can be seen strolling down a street carrying a lunch bag and a shoulder bag before a car pulls up beside her. Two men jump out, one of them armed with a handgun, and chase after the 26-year-old woman.

An intense struggle ensues with Ntusi sitting on the ground fiercely clutching her shoulder bag as the men try to rip it from her grip, according to the footage.

At one point, the video shows one of the men pointing a handgun at her as she continues to desperately hold on to her bag. The woman is dragged along the pavement by one of the men who tries, unsuccessfully, to pry the bag from her hands.

Eventually, the two men appear to give up and drive off in their car with only the student’s lunch bag in their possession.

Ntusi later told media outlets that the only copy of her nearly-complete thesis for her master’s degree in molecular zoology was on a hard drive in that bag. She admitted that fighting for the bag with her attackers was a “dangerous” move. However, Ntusi also said she just couldn’t bear to lose all of her hard work.

The determined graduate student has since backed up her thesis and the robbers have been arrested, according to local media.