TORONTO -- Police were dispatched to a home in the U.S. after a six-year-old dialed 911 for her “injured” toy bunny, sparking one of the cutest conversations on the internet.

Fort Collins Police Service in Colorado traced the call to an address to investigate after the youngster, Natalie, hung-up.

In audio released by the police, the girl, her mom and grandmother can be heard explaining the situation to kind-hearted officer Dane.

“When a six-year-old girl's stuffed animal sustained an injury, she grew concerned and called 911,” Fort Collins Police Service wrote in the Facebook post published Friday.

“She hung up without speaking to dispatchers, so police went to the home to make sure everybody was OK.”

When officers arrived, the little girl’s mom explained that she had given the child an old phone with games on it to play with, not realizing the emergency call function was still working.

Officer Dane helped patch up the “injured” bunny with a Band-Aid, before explaining to the girl that she can call 911 whenever she or her family needs them, but not for stuffed animals.

“Well hey, just so you know, we’re here to help whenever you need us, OK?” officer Dane said.

“Natalie, if bunny’s hurt, we don’t need to call 911. But if you’re hurt or mommy’s hurt, absolutely call us, OK? If you do call 911 for mommy being sick or grandma being sick, just make sure you talk to the people on the phone and let them know what’s going on.”

At one point in the recording, a second police officer can be heard explaining to dispatch that “a little one’s stuffed bunny is injured, so we’re taking care of that.”

The service even offered a cute disclaimer at the end of the Facebook post.

“Not all officers are equipped with the same rabbit repair skills, so please do not call police for furmergencies,” it read.

“If your stuffed animal is having difficulties, we'd advise consulting someone with sewing experience. If your actual animal is having a medical issue, please contact a veterinarian.”

The police offered some 911 tips for parents to avoid accidental dialing, including putting the phone in airplane mode.

“If someone does accidentally call 911, don't just hang up - stay on the line and let the dispatcher know,” Fort Collins Police Services wrote.

“We take every call seriously, including hang-ups, so please help us out and let us know if you call by mistake.”