The newest prince in the Royal Family will likely see his grandfather, father and brother reign as kings, but will never sit on the throne himself, due to the long line of succession ahead of him.

The boy was born at 11:01 a.m. in London on Monday to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, with her husband Prince William on hand. William is currently second in line to the throne, behind his father, Prince Charles, who will take the reins as monarch when Queen Elizabeth II dies.

The line of succession falls next to William’s eldest son, Prince George, who stands the most likely chance of actually becoming the monarch one day. Next in line is Princess Charlotte, who makes history as the first royal girl not to have her position in the order usurped by a newborn little brother.

William and Kate’s third child is now fifth in line for the throne, bumping uncle Prince Harry down to No. 6.

But, while that might sound like a downer, Harry suggested last year that it’s not exactly “Game of Thrones” among members of the Royal Family. He said no one really strives to be the monarch, but sees it rather as a responsibility to the nation.