The Queen is going fur-free, according to the woman chiefly responsible for her wardrobe.

Angela Kelly, the Queen's senior dresser, writes in her new book that this will be the first winter in which the Queen does not include fur coats in her clothing rotation.

The Royal Family has been criticized in the past for wearing fur pieces, some of which were gifted to them during long-ago visits to Canada.

"They thought it was … a nod to the country," royal commentator Richard Berthelsen said Tuesday on CTV News Channel.

"Of course, now we see it quite differently."

The Queen specifically has been singled out for wearing fur on a number of occasions in the recent past, including at a Christmas Day church service in 2015. She also wore fur while at an event in Winnipeg, during her Golden Jubilee tour in 2002.

Kelly's book "The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe" was released Oct. 29. It details her experiences dressing the Queen over the past 25 years, and contains an endorsement from the monarch herself – a rare step for any royal.

"The Queen has always, and her family have always, frowned on staff ever speaking about things," Berthelsen said.

"The Queen has become really close to Angela, and Angela's been given permission to write this book."

Other revelations in the book include that the Queen applies her own makeup and that the blue-and-yellow hat she wore to open Parliament in 2017 was not a show of support for the European Union, although it was widely interpreted as such.