It seems like just yesterday she was being carried out of the hospital for the first time but this Thursday was Princess Charlotte‘s first day of school.

And paparazzi were on scene to snap pictures of the little one walking into Thomas’s Battersea private school in London with her older brother, Prince George, and their parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kensington Palace’s Twitter account tweeted a video of the whole family walking into the pricey $31,000-a-year school, and shows Princess Charlotte slightly fidgeting as she shook the hand of one of the school’s staff – who was reportedly Helen Haslem, the head of the school.

The video has been viewed nearly 860,000 times by Thursday morning, with people sharing GIFs and images of how quickly Kate Middleton and Prince William’s little tykes are growing up.

“So sweet and love the way Charlotte is messing about with her hair,” one person tweeted. One woman, who noted Princess Charlotte’s apparent nervousness, wrote, “Aw holding on to her mums leg for reassurance...we’ve all been there..have a wonderful day Princess Charlotte.”

Plenty of others simply wished Princess Charlotte well, with another person writing, “Charlotte and George look lovely. Good luck to her on her first day!”

One person tweeted her high hopes for both children, “Ah, bless them. First day at school is a huge step. Wishing the 2 young royals a good day & am sure they will take it all in their stride.”

Although attendance at the private school doesn’t come cheap, according to the school's website, the royals will score a discount for Charlotte because Prince George is a returning student.

Princess Charlotte is joining a large group of children as Thomas's Battersea educates approximately 560 children between the ages of four and 13.

Although it might be a little early to judge Princess Charlotte’s fashion attire, People magazine did note that besides her standard school uniform, she was wearing stylish Mary Jane shoes from Amaia and had a sequined unicorn keychain adorning her backpack.

The magazine also noted that Kate appeared to be wearing the same Michael Kors floral printed dress she’d worn at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding rehearsal.

And, coming into her role as a royal, Princess Charlotte made sure to look towards photographers and give a small wave before she walked into the school.