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Pranksters mow a symmetrical, giant penis in lawn of King Charles coronation party site


A large penis has been mowed in the lawn of a King Charles coronation party site just days before the big day and the massive appendage is hard to miss.

Photos show the large phallus carved into the freshly mowed lawn at Bath's historic Royal Crescent, where a large coronation party will be held on Saturday, according to the U.K.'s South West News Service.

Residents awoke Thursday to find the impressively symmetric lawn design in front of their posh homes, SWNS reported.

The Royal Crescent, known for its pristine lawn, dates back to the 18th century and is featured in the Netflix drama "Bridgerton."

The Royal Crescent is said to be hosting a Georgian-themed "Grand Coronation Party."

The coronation of King Charles is set to begin Saturday with a service at London's Westminster Abbey. Top Stories

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