How much is your beloved pooch worth to you?

$500? $1,000? How about $60,000?

That’s how much one woman living in London, England is willing to pay to save her nine-year-old dog “Snoopy.”

Dolly-Ann Osterloh has exhausted her life savings, taken out a bank loan, created an online fundraiser, and even put all of her belongings up for sale in order to pay for a nearly $60,000 open-heart surgery for her pet.

The Yorkie-Chihuauhua mix was diagnosed with mitral valve disease in August and only given a few months left to live, Osterloh told CTV’s Your Morning on Thursday.

She rescued the little dog a few years ago from a shelter in New Jersey after it was abandoned by its owners and found in a trash bin.

Unwilling to give up on her sick pup, the 32-year-old interior designer found a team of veterinarians in Paris who were willing to perform a pioneering operation on Snoopy that could potentially restore its health.

After raising money through donations, savings and the bank loan, Osterloh was still a little short. Out of desperation, she put everything she owned up for sale on Friday. Although she only had a handful of visitors at her apartment that day, the determined pet owner received the remaining amount she needed from strangers’ donations.

“I was ready to let go of everything,” Osterloh said. “Amazingly, people came and they didn’t really want to buy anything, they just wanted to donate.”

Now that Osterloh has paid for the operation, little Snoopy will be heading under the knife on Tuesday.

Osterloh said she’s still trying to raise money to help pay off thousands of dollars of debt from the loan and for pre and post-op care for the ailing pooch. She said she’s even created T-shirts with Snoopy’s image on them that she’s hoping to sell.

When asked what her response is to critics who might say she spent too much money on saving her dog’s life, Osterloh replied that she would give up everything for Snoopy.

“Nothing’s too much to save your beloved’s life. He means everything to me,” she said. “He means the world. There’s nothing too expensive, nothing too valuable materialistically to save him.”