CCTV footage has emerged that shows a man rolling onto a platform at the Banksia railway station in Sydney, Australia, narrowly avoiding being struck by a train.

The man is seen approaching the edge of the platform as a train hurtles past. He waits, and as a second train approaches from the opposite direction, he jumps onto the tracks. 

The man has barely clambered onto the other platform when the second train streaks past. Moments later, he can be seen standing up, apparently unfazed, before approaching another person to shake hands.

“That is just reckless, stupid, life-threatening behaviour,” New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance said in an interview with Nine News Sydney

“His legs are just quite literally about to get smashed by that train.”

Sydney Trains chief executive Howard Collins called the dangerous act “beyond comprehension.”

“These are mindless and thoughtless acts that needlessly put lives at risk,” Collins said in a media release on Monday, calling attention to the incident that took place in August, 2017. “It’s time to put a stop to this foolishness.”