What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas, Prince Harry found out the hard way Tuesday when purportedly nude photos of him in Sin City surfaced online.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ.com posted two photos of what appears to be a fully nude Prince Harry and a mystery naked woman, reportedly taken inside the royal’s VIP suite in a Vegas hotel.

In one of the photos, TMZ says Prince Harry is seen cupping his privates while a topless woman hides behind him. In another photo, the prince appears to be bear hugging the woman next to a pool table.

TMZ reports that Prince Harry and his entourage met a group of girls in the hotel bar and invited them up to his suite, where a game of strip billiards ensued.

Some of the partiers snapped photos, which ended up online.

According to TMZ, a Royal Family spokesperson said: “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time."

The prince was also photographed in a Vegas pool with a crowd of people, including Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, but he was still wearing pants at that time.

Prince Harry, whose wild side has been tabloid fodder for years, made headlines on the same day his older brother Prince William, a search-and-rescue pilot, earned praise for rescuing an injured Ontario woman in North Wales.