An unknown woman who went out on a limb and successfully predicted the name of Harry and Meghan’s baby boy is now more than $30,000 richer.

According to, most betters guessed that Harry and Meghan would opt for a more traditional name, such as Arthur, Alexander or James. Another favourite was Spencer, with many guessing that Harry might name his son after his mother’s maiden name, Princess Diana.

But one woman whose identity hasn’t been revealed decided to try her luck on “Archie,” because her grandson of the same name shares a birthday with the Prince.

She bet £120, equivalent to $210.

The odds were stacked against her, with bookies putting the chances of “Archie” at about 150/1. By comparison, Ladbrokes placed Alexander as the clear favourite at 4/1.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, Harry and Meghan introduced the world to their baby boy: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

The name meant that the mystery woman’s long-shot bet multiplied to winnings of £18,000 -- or $31,554.

CTV News royal commentator Richard Berthelsen said the name came as a surprise.

“No one saw this one coming,” he told CTV News Channel on Wednesday.