How many false claims has U.S. President Donald Trump made since taking office? According to the tally kept by Canadian reporter Daniel Dale, the number is 3,084 and counting.

The Toronto Star’s Washington bureau chief took a break from his busy schedule on Monday to sit down with CTV Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme ahead of the U.S. midterm elections.

“I sit here, I pull up the livestream of the Trump rally and I type as fast as I can,” Dale explained, sitting in the sparse apartment where he does his work.

The monumental fact-checking project has led to some surreal moments for the journalist from Thornhill, Ont. He’s been interviewed by CNN, quoted on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and tacitly acknowledged by Trump himself.

“He did block me on Twitter,” Dale said. “It was a very strange morning.”

Dale spends a lot of time on Twitter, where he fact checks in real time.

“Trump does the usual false claim about how he moved the embassy to Jerusalem for $500,000 ‘or less,’” he tweeted Monday. “The renovations will cost at least $21 million.”

Dale says he feels privileged to work for a Canadian newspaper that gives him the liberty to call the president out for false claims.

“If I were in a U.S. paper, many of them, probably almost all of them, ... would say, this is not what we do,” he told LaFlamme.

Dale also says he feels he’s “created a bit of a monster” by trying to catch every statement that veers from reality.

“The quantity,” he says, “is so large.”