A man in South Carolina showed a real dedication to the democratic process on Tuesday as he voted shirtless after being told to take off the piece of clothing that showed support for U.S. President Donald Trump.

Todd Price, who was in line at a polling station in Garden City, S.C., posted pictures to Facebook of a man coming out of the voting area without his shirt. Price says the man was told he couldn’t vote while wearing the shirt supporting the president.

As it turns out, the man should’ve been allowed to wear the shirt as it didn’t violate election rules, which ban people from voting with clothing supporting someone on the ballot. Trump is not on the ballot for the midterms.

“It’s an understandable mistake,” Chris Whitmire, spokesperson for the South Carolina Election Commission, told CNN. “Poll managers are volunteers that are working hard out there, trying to do the right thing.”

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Vote Nekkid! Good turn out at Murrells Inlet Fire Department precinct- but they made this poor guy take off his Trump shirt to vote. I thought it was ok as long as the shirt wasn’t for someone on the ballot?

Posted by Todd Price on Tuesday, 6 November 2018