Defence Minister Peter MacKay attended Remembrance Day ceremonies in Afghanistan Sunday, marking the occasion alongside Canadian soldiers participating in the NATO mission to train Afghan security forces.

"It was an honour for me to take part in the Remembrance Day ceremony with the men and women who serve Canada as part of the Training Mission in Afghanistan," MacKay said in a statement.

"Canada's mission is a solid reminder of the commitment, professionalism and dedication of our men (and) women in uniform -- past and present -- who have supported and continue to support and protect peace around the globe."

MacKay also attended a barbecue with Canadian troops, and met with senior Canadian military and Afghan officials.

Canadian Forces members are serving in Afghanistan as part of Operation Attention, the name given to Canada’s contribution to the 38-nation NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan. The NATO mission provides training and support for Afghan national security forces and Afghan National Army and National Police personnel.

The mission’s goal is to develop conditions for aseamless transition of authority in Afghanistan when the mission ends in December 2014.

Operation Attention allows for up to 950 Canadian Forces members to be part of the mission at any one time.