London’s mayor is being accused of politicizing the arrival of 2019 by showing support for the European Union during the city’s New Year’s fireworks display.

A crowd of more than 100,000 people gathered in London to ring in the new year. At one point, the London Eye Ferris wheel lit up in blue as yellow-coloured fireworks were set off inside its circle, creating an image that bore a striking resemblance to the flag of the European Union.

Mayor Sadiq Khan has been a vocal public supporter of the EU and opponent of Brexit. Khan tweeted a photo of the display, saying it was “sending a message across the globe” that London would remain open to the rest of the continent post-Brexit.

“Our one million EU citizens are Londoners, they make a huge contribution, and no matter the outcome of Brexit – they will always be welcome,” he tweeted.

The display also included Khan saying the phrase “London is open” and others on-stage repeating it in other European languages.

Roger Helmer, a former Member of the European Parliament for the United Kingdom, tweeted that Khan was showing “the other side’s flag” on a British landmark and likened the display to raising the Argentinian flag during the war over the Falkland Islands.