A Florida man who once gained Internet infamy with his "half-headed mugshot" is making headlines again, after he was booked on new charges of arson and attempted murder.

Carlos "Halfy" Rodriguez, 31, was arrested on Monday and charged with first-degree arson and two counts of attempted felony murder, according to jail records in Miami.

But it was his mugshots that captured attention after the arrest, with public photos of his flattened skull quickly going viral after they were posted online.

The front-facing mugshot shows Rodriguez staring into the camera with his eyes open wide and his teeth bared in a grimace. Wiry, patchy hair sits on his damaged skull, which has a deep indentation on top.

The side profile reveals the full extent of Rodriguez's misshapen head, which curves sharply inward on top where the bone has been removed. His skull stops approximately five centimetres above his eyebrows at the front, and a little higher at the back.

The photos are similar to a series of Rodriguez's mugshots from 2010, which went viral online. An arrest report from the incident shows police described Rodriguez as having "half a head."

Rodriguez, who goes by the nickname "Halfy," lost a portion of his skull in an automobile accident when he was young. "I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out the front window and I hit my head," Rodriguez said in a video from 2012, in which he cautions children against using mind-altering substances when driving.

"It's no good, drinking and driving, or drugness (sic) and driving," he says in the video. He also admits in the video to smoking a "blunt" every day.