Reddit users decided to inject a little fire into the icy relationship between U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a series of "Photoshopped" images based on their stare-down at the G20 summit.

The "PsBattle" encouraged users to rework an image of Obama and Putin that captured the two leaders standing approximately a foot apart. The taller Obama is shown scowling and looking down at Putin, while the Russian leader glowers back.

User CatbirdOnAStick reworked the image to show Obama and Putin embracing on a beach at sunset.

Obama Putin staredown

Putin Obama Umbrella

(lukalucasluka / Reddit)

Several people painted the two leaders into romantic situations, while others reworked the photo into different adversarial contexts. User jnoble50, for instance, pasted the faces of "Rocky IV" adversaries Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed over Putin and Obama, respectively.

Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed

obama putin punch

(WetCoastLife / Reddit)

Obama vs Putin

(poliwop / Reddit)

Putin Obama staredown

(DeadlockRadium / Reddit)