TORONTO -- A father of four is furious at a California hotel after staff failed to notify him of a large swingers’ party set to be held there during his family’s stay.

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he booked a room at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels in Sacramento, Calif. for New Year’s Eve so they could attend a family party that night.

It wasn’t until after he confirmed the reservation that he learned from a friend that an event called “SEXabration” was to be held in the hotel’s grand ballroom on New Year’s Eve.

“[It was] kind of a shocker,” the father told local television station KTXL on Monday.

The event, hosted by the club Allures, is billed as California’s biggest swingers’ party with nearly 1,000 guests expected to attend.

According to the event page, revelers will have access to an “on-premise play suite” with heavily curtained cabanas and a “dungeon room.”

The father of four said he has “no problem with what people do,” but said he should have been told about the party before he made a room reservation.

“People that are spending good money to stay at the Hilton should be aware of what’s going on under their nose, especially if they have families,” he said. “And, you know, there’s a hot tub there and there’s crazies in the hot tub.”

The man said he doesn’t feel comfortable bringing his family into that “environment.”

“I think it’s totally wrong that the Hilton is putting on something like this,” he said.

When he asked the hotel for a refund, the man said he was refused.

“Pay money and not get a refund pisses me off. They were kind of rude to me,” he said. “They actually sent me a survey on my phone, like within the last hour. They asked if they helped me out and I wrote poor, poor, poor, poor. No, you did not help me out. You won’t give me my money back.”

DoubleTree representatives declined a request for comment by KTXL. A spokesperson for Hilton’s corporate office said the Sacramento DoubleTree Hotel is independently owned and managed so they were unable to comment on the matter.

The club Allures has also not responded to KTXL’s request for comment.