COPENHAGEN -- Greenland flags were flying at half-staff Wednesday across Denmark to mourn four people who are presumed dead after a tsunami flooded a village on the Arctic island's west coast.

Police spokesman Lars Kirkegaard said Tuesday they are three adults and one child from the settlement of Nuugaatsiaq. Local broadcaster KNR said those missing are three members of a family and an elderly person.

"This is the worst thing that could have happened -- the flood cost loss of human lives," Greenland Premier Kim Kielsen said in a statement.

Because June 21 is Greenland's national day, the red-and-white flag with two horizontal bands and a disk, known by its Inuit name Erfalasorput, was flying atop official buildings. But because of the tragedy, it was lowered to half-staff.

Search for the missing persons was temporarily stopped Tuesday due to fog, ice and currents. Police said it would resume when the weather permits.

Some 40 people were evacuated from Nuugaatsiaq after a landslide into the sea on Saturday caused surging water to destroy 11 houses in Nuugaatsiaq on the Arctic island, which is an autonomous part of constituent country within Denmark. The landslide occurred on a mountain across the fjord from the settlement, authorities said.