A 65-year-old Florida man was arrested after inviting police to come look at the marijuana plant he had growing in his yard.

Flagler County sheriff's deputies were responding to a call in Bunnel, Fla., early in the morning on April 2 when an older man wearing briefs and an open shirt waved them down and invited them onto his property. He told officers that he wanted to show them something.

Officers say the man, identified as Arthur Carracino, was smoking pot when they arrived, and proceeded to lead them to the corner of his property, where a marijuana plant was growing.

When asked if he had a medical marijuana card, which would allow him to legally possess, but not grow pot, Carracino said he was “working on it.”

Undeterred, he asked officers to “smoke a bowl” with him, heading back towards his home to grab a pipe.

The officers placed the man under arrest, and charged him with growing marijuana.