In March 2016, a German news outlet reported that a pilot and flight teacher in Stade, Lower Saxony went on a detour from his destination for 40 minutes before getting back on track. But soon after, the website Flightradar24 revealed that he had used his flight route to draw out the shape of an airplane on radar.

Now the unnamed pilot is back at it again. On Monday, November 28, he created his most ambitious masterpiece to date. On a 37-minute flight that started near Agathenburg, the pilot flew a Robin DR400/180 Régent aircraft, registered as D-EFHN, to spell out “Hello” over the German countryside.

Flightradar24 is a global flight tracker that shows live air traffic from around the world using information from several data sources including satellites, radars and flight status data from airlines and airports. Here is the airplane drawing it captured from D-EFHN on March 12, 2016.

But this wasn’t D-EFHN’s first attempt at air art. Earlier in the year, it spread some love in the skies over Schleswig-Holstein in northwest Germany.


Love is in the Air. (SOURCE: Flightradar24)

And most recently, on December 2, D-EFHN drew a flower over Bremervörde in Lower Saxony.

On its website, Flightradar24 wrote that it will continue to track D-EFHN to see if the aircraft expands its artistic portfolio.