TORONTO -- An enormous 186-kilogram feral hog was one of at least two which were trapped and removed from a San Antonio, Texas golf course last week.

Wyatt Walton and his team from Lone Star Trapping were hired after receiving a call from staff at the Gateway Hills Golf Course. With the help of hunting dogs, the team tracked down and caught the hogs on September 12.

The sheer enormity of one of the hogs can be seen in photos taken shortly after the team subdued it. Walton posted pictures on Facebook and described the animals as "extremely large" and smart.

“They don’t get this big, much less cutters (tusks) that big often,” he wrote on the post.

"The work isn't done," Walton added. "As San Antonio continues to flourish in population, there's that much more native land having developments built on it. To accommodate the growth, native wildlife is just being pushed and pushed.”

And the capture was certainly not the team’s first. Walton told Storyful that his team have trapped 3,200 feral hogs in the last three years. In the Facebook post, he also bragged that he’s caught “as many as 50 at a time.”

Texas Parks and Wildlife, which calls the animals “nuisance wildlife” on their website, estimates that there are more than 1.5 million feral hogs in the state.