A French man’s death after a heart attack during sex has been declared a “workplace accident” by a Paris court because it happened on a business trip.

The Paris Court of Appeal overturned a ruling in May that the man’s former employer should be found liable. Lawyers for the construction company TSO argued that his 2013 death occurred during an interruption of his job duties, but the Court of Appeal decided that the entire business trip could be considered work.

“In this particular case, the employee was on a business trip, which includes the work time devoted to the business trip (time of travel, working time during the day, rest time during the trip),” a court spokesman told Euronews, adding that this also covers nighttime while he is away from home.

“During the entire period of the business trip, he remains under the employer’s authority until he’s shown that he has interrupted for an activity that cannot be considered part of everyday life,” they said.

Sex is “a matter of everyday life, like taking a shower,” reads a French court statement. Until a trip is interrupted by an activity that is not deemed part of everyday life, the employee remains under the employer’s authority, the court said.