ACCRA, Ghana -- Flooding that led to a huge explosion at a gas station in Ghana's capital earlier this month caused over $100 million in damages, the country's president said.

The figure is a "conservative" estimate and officials are still preparing a final report on the June 3 disaster that killed at least 160 people, John Dramani Mahama told journalists Friday night.

About 36,000 residents of Accra were affected by the flooding, Mahama said, including many who have been unable to return to their homes.

He acknowledged that the flooding highlighted the government's failure to meet the city's infrastructure needs, especially when it comes to drainage. In addition to pursuing ways to install a modern drainage system, Mahama said officials would also consider a ban on drain-clogging plastic bags.

Officials have said the gas station blast occurred after flooding swept fuel being stored at the station into a nearby fire. On Friday, Mahama said the cause of the explosion was still being examined and that gas stations would undergo safety inspections.

"This is a tragedy that we must not allow to happen again," Mahama said, adding that he would hold institutions responsible for carrying out their missions.

He said donors had agreed to release money to aid in post-flood reconstruction, though he did not provide details.