The Canadian Red Cross has issued an appeal for donations to help victims of a massive cyclone that hit the African country of Mozambique.

To make a donation, visit the Canadian Red Cross website.

Tropical Cyclone Idai arrived to the shores in southern Africa over the weekend, where it swept away whole villages and left people scrambling for food, shelter and medicine. The death toll in the country has risen to more than 200, with another more than 100 dead in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The Canadian Red Cross is seeking public donations to help southern Africa, which will “enable the Red Cross to provide relief, recovery, and resiliency activities in response to this disaster,” according to their website. 

Global Affairs Canada on Wednesday announced an initial donation of $40,000 through the Red Cross to help with an “emergency relief operation” which focuses on shelter, sanitation and the health needs of the people affected.

With files from The Associated Press