Anti-government protests in Ukraine that have gone on for nearly three months continue to rage, as police and demonstrators clash in Kyiv’s Independence Square.

The violence has claimed more than a dozen lives, including seven civilians and six officers. Police are reported to have opened fire with live ammunition, in addition to attacking protesters with stun grenades and water cannons. Demonstrators have fought back with bats, rocks and fire bombs.

With the protests heating up again and no clear end in sight, we’ve compiled the top Twitter and Instragram accounts to follow to keep up with the latest news, including shocking images, from the region.

Christopher Miller (@ChristopherJM) is an editor at the English-language Kyiv Post and one of the most prolific tweeters from Independence Square.

Max Seddon (@maxseddon) is a foreign affairs reporter for Buzzfeed, formerly of the Associated Press bureau in Moscow. In addition to his own reporting, Seddon tweets information from other media outlets for a broad overview of what’s happening on the ground.

Myroslava Petsa (@myroslavapetsa) is a foreign correspondent for Ukraine’s Channel 5 who tweets in English and re-tweets colleagues in both English and Ukrainian.

Nataliya Gumenyuk (@ngumenyuk) is a reporter with HromadskeTV whose tweets -- packed with information and all in lower-case lettering -- capture the urgency of the unfolding crisis. She also re-tweets journalists, government spokespeople and activists on the ground.

Maxim Eristavi (@MaximEristavi) is the editor-in-chief of Golos 106FM and his account is closely followed by fellow journalists, as well as politicians and activists. He also posts photographs and short videos.

Ukraine Pravda (@ukpravda_news) tweets are mostly in Ukrainian, but English-only speakers won’t need translation for the compelling images and video from the scene.

Euro Maidan (@euromaidan) bills itself as the official Twitter account of the “Ukrainian Revolution.” While it’s mostly in Ukrainian, it tweets some of the most stunning images from Independence Square and does re-tweet English journalists on the ground.

James Marson (@marson_jr) is the Moscow deputy bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal. His descriptive tweets include harrowing images.

Maxim Dondyuk is a Kyiv-based documentary photographer posting his harrowing images from the protests to Instagram. His mostly English tweets can also be found @dondyuk.

TheKievTimes posts images taken by photographers from a number of news agencies. While the captions and hashtags are not in English, the images tell you all you need to know.

Katherine Jacobsen, is a freelance journalist and photographer in Kyiv who posts her images from Ukraine to her Instagram account at KAJPhotos.