Three years after he last saw his precious stuffed blue monkey, a Nebraska boy has been reunited with the lost toy in a tear-jerking video that's capturing hearts online.

The family recounts the tale of a love lost in a clip posted to the Internet video site YouTube.

The story begins with the cuddly blue monkey, named Ah-ah, being given to the boy by his grandparents when he was just one-year-old.

It didn’t take long for the two to develop a strong bond, with Ah-ah establishing himself as the boy’s number one “lovey,” the term given to transitional objects many kids latch onto as toddlers.

"Ah-ah became a member of the family, going everywhere my son went," the boy's dad writes in the text accompanying the online video.

Until the monkey was lost, that is, during a family camping trip to Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park in 2009.

"Somewhere along the way, Ah-ah went missing," the video explains, describing the boy as "absolutely devastated" by the loss.

Frantic calls to all the places the family had holidayed proved fruitless.

Everyone gave up hope of finding the lanky stuffed monkey again, except the boy's mother.

Three years later, while shopping online for a musical instrument, she decided to enter a search for "blue monkey."

The query returned one result, from Florida, of a stuffed animal that bore a striking resemblance to the missing monkey.

Thinking it might be a suitable replacement for the long-lost loved one, she placed an order with the ebay store “Lost Loves Toy Chest” dedicated to reuniting misplaced playthings with their owners.

To the astonished parents' surprise, when it arrived the monkey didn't just bear a resemblance to Ah-ah.

"It was Ah-ah," the video explains, singling out its unique singed hair and the jagged remnants of where its tag had been cut as proof of its provenance.

In their reunion, caught on camera, the boy can hardly believe his eyes.

"I thought you were kidding," he cries, clutching and kissing his blue monkey for the first time in three years.

"Can you believe it?" his mom asks, choking back her own tears as she explains how she found the lost lovey online.

"No, I can't at all," he replies through tears. "I forgot what he looked like."