A car rental employee has admitted to spiking his co-workers' drinks with LSD because they had “negative energy.”

According to KMOV News 4, the 19-year-old Enterprise worker was arrested on Monday after telling authorities in Arnold, Mo., that he dosed two colleagues’ water bottles and a third worker’s coffee cup.

But instead of mellowing out, the workplace staff started feeling dizzy and shaky and alerted police.

“You're going to have an increased heart rate, temperature, higher blood pressure, it's been described as causing the shakes or tremors before," Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Tony Dennis told KMOV News 4.

Two employees were taken to hospital to be checked out and were eventually given the OK.

Lab tests are being done on the contaminated drinks and the results will determine whether the accused will face charges of possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault.