TORONTO -- A four-year-old Canadian orphan who’s been trapped inside an ISIS detention camp has been moved to a safer facility nearby.

CTV News has learned that little Amira has been moved out of the al-Hol detention camp in northeastern Syria and is now living in a nearby orphanage that’s being run by a non-governmental organization.

Kurdish officials at the camp made the decision to move her amid concerns that publicity surrounding her case had put her in danger.

Amira was found last year wandering alone in the Syrian town of Baghouz after her family -- Canadians who had left to fight for ISIS in 2014 -- were killed in an airstrike.

She was brought to the detention camp, where conditions have been described as “horrendous.” It’s estimated more than 30 Canadians are living at the al-Hol facility and another camp nearby.

Amira is said to be happy at her new home and the news is a huge relief to her remaining family members, but they are still disappointed the federal government has not stepped in to bring the little girl to Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said back in December that he’s aware of the situation, but that it’s still too dangerous to send officials into the region.

France, Sweden, Australia and Belgium have all rescued orphans from the camp.

Amira’s uncle, who wishes to remain anonymous, has said he would personally travel to Syria to rescue his niece, but Kurdish Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulkarim Omar advised against it until she could be found.