Hidden cameras in Oslo, Norway captured a series of emotional moments when strangers offered their coats, scarves and gloves to a shivering 11-year-old boy who was sitting on a bench at a bus stop, without a jacket.

SOS Children’s Villages International in Norway filmed the social experiment as part of a campaign to provide children in Syria with warm jackets and blankets.

“Are you a person who would act when you see someone who needs help?” The charity asks in the video. “The children in Syria are freezing.”

The organization hopes to raise awareness about the thousands of children suffering in the war-torn country, and urges people to show compassion to Syrian children, just as they did toward the young Norwegian boy.

The video, which has amassed almost 2 million views since being posted to YouTube on Feb. 19, is the latest in a series of emotional campaigns.

Meanwhile, UN Women, the UN’s branch dedicated to gender equality and empowering women around the world, has created a video targeted towards men, asking them to “put yourself in (a woman’s) shoes, instead of finding ways to blame her.”

The 65-second video, posted to YouTube on Feb. 19, provides men with a glimpse of life as a woman, encountering sexual harassment in the streets in Egypt.

In a commercial for the Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation, viewers are shown how therapy dogs can help veterans cope with war-related trauma. “We not only help people who cannot see but also those who have seen too much,” the ad says.The video was posted to YouTube on Jan. 10 and has gone viral, garnering more than 1 million views.