A British thrift store has apologized for a Halloween window display depicting a mother holding a baby with its head chopped off.

The bizarre display, in a Red Cross charity shop in the English seaside town of Southbourne, was slammed by locals for being "tragic and tasteless."

“I can’t believe that a Red Cross shop in Southbourne, Bournemouth has this in display,” Harry Wessex tweeted on Saturday October 19.

“Absolutely tragic and tasteless!”

The British Red Cross replied to Wessex’s tweet to explain that it is “normal practice for each shop to dress and display their windows using their own local discretion.”

“In this example, we accept that this display falls short of reasonable expectations,” the charity tweeted.

“We have asked the shop to remove the display as soon as possible. We apologize if anyone is offended by this shop display.”

In a statement on its Facebook page the shop said “it was never our intention to offend anyone.”

It confirmed the display has now been removed.

Other elements of the display included a full glass bottle labelled 'Human Blood', a skeleton and a number of white tissues daubed with fake blood.

“I can see how people may be offended, especially as it appears to be Mary and Jesus, or at least based on that image,” Southbourne resident Peter West told local newspaper the Bournemouth Echo.

“That may have been overlooked by whoever put it up, maybe they just wanted to make something ghoulish for Halloween. I doubt there is any bad intention.