Democrat Hillary Clinton announced Friday that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine will be her running mate in the presidential election.

In some ways, the two politicians are more similar than you might think.

Here’s how the running mates stack up.

Tim Kaine, possible Clinton running mate

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, 58

Previous jobs: Civil rights lawyer, Virginia lawyer, mayor, missionary in Honduras

Religion: Catholic

Views on abortion: “Personally opposed” to abortion but supports the legal status quo

Ethnic background: Irish and Scottish

Free trade record: Voted in Congress to oppose free trade barriers 67 per cent of the time, according to CATO Institute

Position on guns: A gun owner who supports restrictions on combat-style weapons, high-capacity magazines etc.

Interesting fact: Fluent in Spanish

Controversial policy: Cut funding for universities and colleges, causing tuition to rise in Virginia

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, 57

Previous jobs: Admissions counsellor, lawyer, congressman, radio show host

Religion: Catholic

Views on abortion: Passed some of the country’s most restrictive abortion laws in Indiana

Ethnic background: Irish

Free trade record: Congress oppose free trade barriers 66 per cent of the time, according to CATO institute

Position on guns: Staunch defender of gun rights, says firearms make Americans safer, rated ‘A’ by National Rifle Association

Interesting fact: Started life as a Democrat

Controversial policy: Signed a ‘religious freedom’ law allowing business to refuse services to same-sex couples