Donald Trump's presidential campaign pulled its first logo out of circulation after only one night, amid widespread criticism that the letters in the image were too sexually suggestive.

The first logo showed a blue combination of the initials "TP," for Donald Trump and his vice-presidential candidate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, positioned beside horizontal red bars to evoke an American flag. However, many criticized the way in which the "T" and "P" were entwined, with the lower branch of the "T" penetrating the "P."

Trump's campaign introduced a new, text-filled logo to replace the more stylized first one on Saturday.

"Spin" author and political marketing expert Clive Veroni called the first logo "a bit of a trainwreck." He added that he's not surprised Trump's campaign withdrew the logo, as it failed to have the intended emotional impact. "The emotion that it communicates is a big feeling of unease because of the sort of mashed-up letters in the left corner," Veroni told CTV News Channel on Saturday. Veroni said the logo presents the wrong message, by suggesting that "Trump and Pence are the most awkward coupling in American politics."

Trump and Pence are already considered a somewhat awkward fit, as the Indiana governor has openly contested a few of Trump's platform policies in the past.

One user on Twitter shared an animated version of the first logo on Friday, to demonstrate the sexual connotation behind the letters.

The second Trump logo positions the word "TRUMP" in blue over "PENCE" in red, with the campaign slogan "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" written in blue underneath, against a white backdrop.

Veroni called the new logo an "improvement" over the last one, but he says it still has some issues. Veroni said a political logo needs to be identifiable at many different sizes, so that it will look good on the side of an airplane or shrunk down to fit on a lapel pin. "The new Trump logo, even though it's an improvement over the old one, fails that test," he said.

Veroni pointed to Barack Obama's 2008 campaign logo as one of the best political logos in recent history. The logo is a stylized red, white and blue "O," with a white hole in the centre, a blue arch over the top and a striped red field at the bottom, to represent a sun rising over a field.

"It communicates this sort of a sense of a new day," Veroni said. "They did an excellent job of encapsulating that in a very simple device."

Veroni also condemned a few of the other logos used in the GOP's presidential nomination race. He slammed the beige text in Ben Carson's logo as reflecting "the worst parts" of his character, and said that Chris Christie's logo "looks like it's been placed on a brick wall with some of the bricks missing."

Hillary Clinton's campaign logo has already been released. The logo features a large blue "H" with a red arrow branching across the middle, pointing to the right.