An Australian senator has become the second to resign in a week, after revealing she holds dual Canadian citizenship.

Larissa Waters, the co-deputy leader of the Greens party, resigned from the country's Senate after she discovered she held both Australian and Canadian citizenships.

Waters -- who came to prominence as the first woman to breastfeed in Australia's parliament -- is the second to resign after Sen. Scott Ludlam, who discovered he held dual citizenship with New Zealand, stepped down

Both of the senators who have resigned have been members of the country's Green party.

Australia's constitution bars dual citizens from eligibility for election.

In a statement posted to Facebook, Waters revealed that she was unaware that she held Canadian citizenship.

"I left Canada as a baby, born to Australian parents studying and working briefly in Canada before they returned home," she wrote. "I have lived my life thinking that as a baby I was naturalised to be Australian and only Australian, and my parents told me that I had until age 21 to actively seek Canadian citizenship."

However, she discovered that due to a decades-old law, she had been a dual citizen from birth, and a law changed a week after she was born required her to actively renounce her Canadian citizenship.

Waters added that she hasn't returned to the country of her birth since she left at the age of 11 months.