TORONTO -- A growing number of self-proclaimed “emotional support Canadians” are reaching out on social media to help Americans stressed by the U.S. election as the polls tighten.

The term “emotional support Canadians” was trending on Tuesday night as election results started to heat up and Canadians began offering help.

The offer appears to be have been started by Twitter user “Canadian Fletchy,” who said if voters “have not yet received your Emotional Support Canadian, one will be assigned to you shortly.”

The tweet had amassed more than 13,600 retweets by Tuesday at 11:15 p.m.

Fletchy goes on to say that Americans hoping to become Canadian immigrants should stuff their pockets with Canadian Tire money to trick border officials into thinking that they’re Canadian.

Twitter user Mark Piper said he was available to Americans, but that he “had a couple edibles” and was drinking rye and water.

“Just know I’m here for you,” he said.

Meanwhile an account for two dogs named Sadie and Sophie said they were offering “nothing but love” as emotional support Canadians.

Stressed-out Americans seemed to welcome the suggestion, as several said they needed support and asked where to find it.