A massive 8.2-magnitude earthquake struck near the coast of northern Chile on Tuesday, triggering landslides and sending small waves towards coastal communities.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake hit approximately 100 kilometres away from land, and its epicenter was about 20 kilometres below the seabed.

Waves measuring 1.9 metres hit the northern Chilean port of Pisagua, after a warning from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Chile’s Emergency Office said more waves were expected to hit islands in the Juan Fernandez archipelago just before midnight, The Associated Press reported.

The quake hit an area that has been struck by hundreds of smaller tremors over the past two weeks. Minor damage was reported on March 16, when a 6.7-magnitude earthquake shook the same region.

The Canadian government tweeted late Tuesday that Canadians impacted by the quake could access consular assistance by emailing sos@international.gc.ca or making a collect call to 613-996-8885.

Chile suffered one of the strongest quakes on record on Feb. 27, 2010, when a violent 8.8-magnitude quake struck the central part of the country. The quake killed hundreds and caused widespread damage.