Rihanna's "Umbrella" should have been the theme song for the 2008 MuchMusic Video Awards. Torrential rains didn't stop pop's biggest stars from storming the red carpet in great celebrity style. Short bubble skirts, plunging necklines, towering heels and brazen bling shone on, despite the downpour. But "slippery when wet" sex appeal stole the show.

Biker babe
Rihanna commanded the crowd's attention when she appeared on stage in a sexy number by Fendi. But it was her biker babe ruffles and Brando-like hat that earned her the glam police prize of the night.

White lightning
The New Kids on the Block blinded fans with their first live performance together in 15 years, and their costumes. "It's all about comfort for us," Donnie Wahlberg told the press. Flashing a red maple leaf on the inside of his vest, Wahlberg and pals were the white knights of "boy band" comebacks.

Low riders
Who needs clothes when you've got 15 minutes of fame? Girlicious members could barely keep popping out of their duds -- or fans' eyes popping as they worked the MMVA stage. Less is more -- usually. But these reality babes blew that fashion standard.

Chic geek
Rainn Wilson suited up for the MMVAs in a look that made geeks around the world say, "That's hot!" "The Office" star's peach-striped shirt, grey suit and black-rimmed specs put a bookish edge into this boy's appearance at the MMVAs.

Black magic
Actress Kristin Cavallari took the sex-kitten plunge with the night's best black halter.

Belle Mel
"Spice Girl" Melanie C wowed crowds with her bobbed do and a sleek, shimmering brown confection by Canadian designer Nada.

Go with the Flo
Flo Rida arrived in style, popping out of a $400,000 Lamborghini. The Florida-bred bred rapper, who shot to fame with the party anthem "Low," walked the red carpet in a simple T-shirt topped with some hefty, eye-blinding bling.

Pretty in pink
Gossip guru Perez Hilton stole the show with a slate suit punched up with a pink shirt and striped tie. Add in his pink lipstick, rosy blush, mascara and slick hair and Hilton almost topped Rihanna for the night's prettiest look.

Valley boy chic
Reality personality Brody Jenner lived up to his easy-going fame, arriving with nothing but a simple jacket, shirt and big, picket-fence smile to charm the night's screeching fans.

Dark victory
Pretty boy Jesse McCartney made basic black his strong suit, looking every bit the Hollywood up-and-comer in this ace outfit.

Battle fatigue
Wintersleep gave camouflage-inspired khakis the star nod and scored the night's prize for easy-going rocker glam.

Simple star power
Staying true to his "jeans only" mantra, Canada's Sam Roberts turned up the heat once again at the MMVAs.