On this weeks' W5: An investigation into alarming incidents that seem to be happening more and more in big cities -- tactical teams responding to a crisis like a gunman at large or a hostage taking.

But in some cases, the calls are sophisticated fakes, a hoax by hackers.

It's happening so often now it has a name: swatting. Watch the episode in our player above.

Supporting documents and links:

Map of SWAT locations where 'Obnoxious' either pleaded guilty to, or SWATs we know about from speaking directly with the victims. Map by W5's Jasna Baric. Click here for a larger view of the map.

W5 Swatting Map (Jasna Baric / CTV News)


Provincial Court of British Columbia: "Obnoxious's" sentencing decision


Full transcript of Mir Islam's sentencing hearing, in 2 parts

Part 1


Part 2


Mir Islam exits the Manhattan Federal Court

Mir Islam exits the Manhattan Federal Court in New York on June 26, 2012 (Reuters / Eduardo Munoz )

Letter from Mir Islam to the judge, ahead of his sentencing decision, in which he expresses remorse


YouTube video of a live-streamed call by "Obnoxious" to the Grove City Police. WARNING: LANGUAGE