No doubt you’ve heard of Burnaby B.C.’s Michael Buble. The renowned recording artist has won 11 Juno awards and lately he’s been diligently promoting the release of his sixth album, “To Be Loved.”

This year, he will be at the Juno podium again – but as the host of this year’s show.

He’s come a long way in the decade since W5 first profiled the world’s most popular crooner. And with his big week -- Junos and a new album -- we decided it’s time to catch up with Buble and reflect an amazing career to date.

For this anniversary, we dug up the archives and re-visited the early years with a star who is renowned for his mastery of the media interview. Always charming, funny and self-effacing, Buble was truly caught off-guard.

In an exclusive interview with W5’s Beverly Thomson, Buble was amazed to find himself being almost moved to tears as he revealed, “I can't believe this, this has never happened to me in an interview in my life!”

Watching his younger self set the stage for Buble to reflect on his reckless love life, his insecure past, and his surprising plans for the future.

Known for covering the classics, Buble has often been credited for bringing romance back into popular music. He’s the kind of performer who makes fans swoon the world over. And if you want to keep swooning, keep reading.

In April 2011, Michael Buble married Argentinian supermodel and actress Luisiana Lopilato.

They’re having a “mini-Buble” -- a baby boy. If Buble’s smooth vocals and clean-cut good looks haven’t won you over yet, his excitement about becoming a dad is sure to bring him even more adoring fans. He revealed to Bev Thomson how he felt when he first got the news, “It was awesome, I pumped my fist…I high-fived my wife!”

Back in 2003, when W5 first profiled Michael Buble, he was struggling to prove he was more than just a lounge singer.

In his early years, Buble admits he would act out in ways that made people cringe, “I think what I had my biggest problem with was that I was insecure and then because of that insecurity I was reckless with people’s hearts.”

It’s been widely reported that Buble was unfaithful during his 2008 relationship with English actress Emily Blunt. It ended in a well-publicized break-up and a healthy dose of self-reflection.

Buble told Bev Thomson “…you need to admit certain things to yourself or you're gonna be a rich lonely old dude with an 18-year-old girlfriend who is boinking a bunch of your buddies behind your back.”

During our first profile, we asked the then-27year old crooner about his future goals. He told W5: “I hope I'm a good husband. I look at my dad and my grandpa, and they were never famous, and they never sold any records, and they're the most successful men that I know.”

Buble admits he still feels the same way today -- family is his main priority.

Just last year, Buble’s grandfather, Mitch Santaga, had a heart attack and almost died. That scare, losing his life-long best friend, put all his fame and record sales into perspective.

The dad-to-be is planning to make some serious changes to his grueling touring schedule, which meant spending at least nine months on the road.

“Honestly my number one thing is “Is my wife healthy and happy? Is the baby healthy and happy? Am I gonna be a good dad?”, that's my priority. And the truth is if I sell ten million copies or ten copies, I got bigger fish to fry. And it’s been difficult; I think it’s difficult on some of the people that I work with.”

It’s probably been most challenging for Buble’s legendary manager, Bruce Allen.

While in Los Angeles at Buble’s rehearsal, Allen revealed to W5, “I’ve laid out the tour the way he wants it because he’s got the baby coming. He wants 3 weeks on and 2 weeks off, which fiscally isn’t the smartest thing I’ve done in my life...”

But Allen understands the toll this industry can have on a young family because he was an absent showbiz dad. Allen told W5, “This is a tough business. It pulls you away from your real family… and I think my kids suffered for that. But that was the business. The business is your mistress, unfortunately.”

During a particularly emotional moment in his interview with Bev Thomson, Buble disclosed he had even considered being a stay-at-home dad. “I wouldn't mind that at all. I know I'm gonna work and I'm gonna get out there but I can't do it at the level I'm doing it at now. I can't be a good dad. It’s impossible.”

Only time will tell if Buble can stay in the spotlight and still be the superstar husband and father he really wants to be. In the meantime, it’s that kind of romantic devotion that continues to delight his fans.