Map of spills and other incidents on Line 9

Data collected by W5 associate producer Annie Burns-Pieper. Map by CTV social media producer Phil Hahn

The map below shows points where oil spills and other incidents have occured along the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline. Also noted are dates of the incidents, the amounts released (in litres), the causes, and links to the Access to Information documents obtained by W5, when available. 

Product releases are indicated by this marker:   Mapbox icon1

Incidents which are not spills are denoted with unique markers.

According to Enbridge, all reported leaks and contamination from these incidents have been "fully repaired and remediated." And if there are any existing or emerging potential contamination identified by landowners or others, Enbridge would "work through those on a case by case basis."

This map was produced using data provided by Enbridge. More detailed maps of the Line 9 pipeline can be found in this PDF, hosted on the National Energy Board's website.

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